Louisiana Superdome

Thousands of people sought refuge from Hurricane Katrina in the Louisiana Superdome. Still the flood waters reached the building and water rushed in through tears in the roof. The conditions for the inhabitants of the Superdome were severe.  Water stagnated for weeks before finally receding back to Lake Pontchartrain. The first phase of the renovation of the Superdome took one year to complete. The architectural team documented existing conditions and created repair and enhancement drawings. The Superdome re-opened for the 2006 season. The architecture firm of record is Trahan Architects in Baton Rouge LA but it took a team to complete the project in time. Rachel was part of Billes Partners and was responsible for documenting existing conditions, producing construction documents and construction administration. She attended weekly meeting with the design team, FEMA, state officials, and facility engineers.

Project Details

Location: New Orleans, LA
Architect: Rachel Harman